For Organizations

How confident are you that you fully know how well the people in your organization are focused on the right things?  That they are effectively and efficiently heading in the direction you want the organization to go?

Honestly, how confident are you really that you know?  How valuable would it be to know so you can guide, adjust, correct, and optimize the total sum of the workforce's output?

Today’s business environment is full of radical changes, uncertainty, new rules and regulations, and increased customer demands. In order to successfully manage and thrive as an organization, we have found that it all depends upon how well your organization is aligned.

D.I.AL.O.G (Data Indicating Alignment of Organizational Goals) is an organizational assessment tool that provides information as to how well critical elements are working together to achieve business and strategic goals. It also identifies which of these critical elements are working against you. Our approach is unique in that we measure the interrelationships of the essential elements that become the predictors of future strength.

The D.I.AL.O.G. Assessment provides a comprehensive perspective of the business based on the criteria for Performance Excellence as used by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program.


For Individuals

How effective are you as a leader?  How much more potential exists inside you that is yet to be realized? How critical is your leadership to the success of the organization?

Same questions for your leadership team too! 


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Today more than ever before, organizations are seeking better ways to accurately assess, develop, and retain top people. It’s also critical to ensure that you have the right people in the right positions doing the right things for the right reasons.


 DISCBehaviors (DISC) measures a person’s natural and adaptive behavioral styles, which is crucial when working with team members, as a leader or manager, or in an environment that requires conflict resolution. By understanding how you prefer to behave, you are able to better align your environment, and select the work that ensures more meaning and success while producing less stress.


Driving ForcesDriving Forces delivers the most comprehensive understanding of a person’s value or motivational structure. Understanding what really motivates or drives a person is a crucial part of success. It is this understanding that helps to ensure that optimal motivation, passion, and drive are always created to achieve the highest levels of personal and professional success.


AcumenAcumen Capacity is a personal assessment tool that provides information as to how a person thinks and makes decisions—what natural talents he or she possesses. By understanding the way in which a person thinks, it becomes possible to leverage that knowledge to make better decisions, maximize strengths, minimize weaknesses, and achieve greater results personally and organizationally.


Talents DNADNA(R) 25 Talent Competencies helps maximize a person's potential by ensuring they are using their strongest skills to deliver high performance.  Not only can it help with right fit, but it can also identify areas most beneficial for further development and ultimately performance and job satisfaction.


Contact us to find out how we can work side-by-side with your business to clearly understand your objectives and capabilities to define a clear and pragmatic strategy. Together we can help you to reach new heights!