Orange Coworking

Take action now towards achieving the future you desire personally and professionally!

I am excited to be facilitating this workshop at OrangeCoworking!  Our workshop will focus on:

  • Benefits of Setting Goals
  • Types of Goals
  • Criteria for Setting Goals
  • Overcoming Obstacles 
  • Proven Goal Setting Tools
  • Formula for Success

Date:    January 26th, 2018  @ 1pm

Place:    Orange Coworking (South Austin)

Website/Registration:  Register at this Link

What past participants say about CBK3’s workshop

  • "Brad brings a wealth of experience in leadership to a practical workshop on getting starting with goal setting"
  • "After Brad's goal setting workshop, I gained clarity in exactly what I needed and not only did I hit my goal in sales--a new high--I gained habits in planning and execution that have allowed for continued and expanded goals to be started, planned, and hit time and time again!"
  • "CBK3 made goal setting easy, effective, and repeatable"
  • "Insightful—helpful hints on how to get out of our own way to achieve our goals"
  • "Very practical—determined to take actions steps"